The Viral Product That’s Replacing Shower Curtains

Upgrade your bathroom in minutes with our renter-friendly, DIY shower screen!

4.8/5.0 STARS

“Perfectly blends modern design and practicality.”

“An innovative solution without requiring permanent changes, a dream for those living in rented spaces.”

“A game-changing alternative.”

Our Patented Design

Easy Install

Installs in just 2 minutes, and easily removable for reuse in your next home.


BPA-Free acrylic panels? Yes please. You deserve a non-toxic upgrade.


The water belongs in the shower with you. We've got you covered.

Strong Adhesive

Tape that's stronger than an ox and detaches easier than your clingy ex.


Will the Squid shower screen work on my bathtub?

For our screen to work, your bathtub and wall must be flat surfaces with
no obstructions for 30 inches on the bathtub and 58 inches on the wall.
The tub and wall must also meet at a 90 degree angle. If you have a curve
between your tub and wall or a lip, you will likely have an issue.

Can the shower screen be used for a walk in shower?

No. The shower screen we currently offer is only suitable for a shower/tub
combo as it is 58"H.

I'm moving. Can I take my shower screen with me?

Of course! We offer extra Squid Tape sold separately that you can easily
apply to your frames. We want your stick-on shower screen to stick with
you for a long time!

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the 48 contiguous United States.

How long does shipping normally take?

All orders are shipped out via FedEx and will be fulfilled within 1-2
business days. Once your order has shipped, it normally takes 3-5
business days to be delivered depending on your region. Please reach out
if your order is delayed or if you have any other shipping-related concerns.